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Thanks to the Education Connections grant, Alex Tejeda and I have begun to create PowerPoint presentations for our Spanish students.  While these presentations have been created specifically with our special education students in mind, we have found that they are appropriate for most of our students.

What we have tried to do is follow a logical progression of skill achievement (as much as the PowerPoint format will allow): 1) a grammar presentation, with the final part an attempt to predict the correct answers to questions;  2) a multiple-choice type quiz of some type (we've created three types so far);  3) a written quiz.

As part of the grant conditions, we are making these presentations available to all teachers who would like to use them.

I called these presentations, but many have gone beyond simple presentations.  We have PowerPoint files that are games and multiple-choice quizzes.  We even have PowerPoint files that allow students to take written quizzes and either print them out immediately or save to disk for the teacher to look at later.

Please remember that we have only been working on this project for a short time, so all the files you download from this page are beta presentations.  Some of the presentations are finished, but many are in various stages of completion. I am certain that there a couple of mistakes we missed as well.  Any corrections are gladly accepted!   I will upload the newest versions as we finish them.

The next major upgrade will be the addition of a native speaker pronouncing the words in the vocabulary presentations.


We have the PowerPoint files in two different formats:  the original files that you can download and use, and the presentations set up as Web pages that can be run in your browser's window.


Files for downloading:


Note 1:  You don't need to have PowerPoint on your computer to use PowerPoint files.  There is a PowerPoint viewing program that will allow anybody to use a PowerPoint file.  In fact, it is probably preferable to use  this program even if you have PowerPoint on your computer.  Using this program, the files run automatically and the students cannot alter the files accidentally. 

To download the PowerPoint Viewer program, click here.

Note 2:  These are self-extracting files.  Just download and click on the file icon to decompress the files.

AR Verb Conjugation - (updated 10/13/05) These files contain a grammar presentation and a Jeopardy-style multiple-choice style quiz.  Start with the file named "AR verbs Spanish 1."

ER Verb Conjugation - (updated 10/13/05) These files contain a grammar presentation, a Jeopardy-style multiple-choice style quiz and a written quiz.  Start with the file named "ER verbs Spanish 1."

IR Verb Conjugation - (updated 10/13/05 These files contain a grammar presentation and a Jeopardy-style multiple-choice style quiz.  Start with the file named "IR verbs Spanish 1."

El cuerpo - (6/13/04) These files contain a vocabulary presentation, a multiple-choice quiz and a written quiz.  Start with the file named "el cuerpo."

Los Países de América del Sur - (6/13/04)  These files contain a presentation and the beginnings of a "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" quiz.  Start with the file named "los países de América del Sur."

Machu Picchu - (6/13/04) These files contain a reading selection in English and Spanish (same topic but not the same reading in both languages).  It is meant to demonstrate how you can offer a number of options to the student via PowerPoint, including the language used.  Start with the file named "Machu Picchu."

I think the "bugs" are out of the system, but the presentations don't always work as well online as they do on an individual computers.  Sometimes a sound won't play or a graphic is slightly off.  Also, the "definition" button doesn't work online for the verb grammar presentations.


PowerPoint Web Pages

AR Verb Conjugation - Grammar presentation

AR Verb Conjugation - Jeopardy-style quiz

ER Verb Conjugation - Grammar presentation

ER Verb Conjugation - Jeopardy-style quiz

IR Verb Conjugation - Grammar presentation

IR Verb Conjugation - Jeopardy-style quiz

La comida - Presentation on food vocabulary

El cuerpo - Presentation on body vocabulary

El cuerpo Quiz - Multiple-choice quiz on body vocabulary

South America Geography - Presentation on countries, capitals & more of South America


 Please send any questions, comments, etc. to Ted Johnson, tj@webtj.net.


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