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Spanish & Latin American History

Archeology of Teotihuacan, Mexico
An exploration of this historic site. Included are a description, chronology, maps, and photos. There is extensive information about the Feathered Serpent Pyramid. 
The Struggle for Democracy in Latin America
High-school educational resource offers a thematic approach to Latin American history. Read about the conquest and the slave trade.
History of US Intervention in Latin America
Timeline stretches from the Monroe Doctrine of 1823 to the present, and chronicles US intervention in Latin American countries.
LANIC - Chile
Latin American Network Information Center maintains a directory of academic resources for Chile. Find sites on Chilean history and politics.
LANIC - El Salvador
Latin American Network Information Center provides a directory of academic resources relating to El Salvadoran history and politics. Find maps.
This illustrated encyclopedia of Mesoamerica offers a historical and cultural perspective on ancient Latin American civilizations, including an online exhibit of Mayan sculpture rubbings and information on the Day of the Dead celebration.
Spanish Colonial America Living History
Organization provides links to living history units that portray soldiers in Spanish colonial America. Find newsletters and research articles.
Sí, Spain
The Spanish Embassy in Canada has provided a site offering essays and commentary on Spanish history, culture and society. The site is available in English, Spanish, French and German.
Spanish History on the Web - UCCS History Dept.
A Guide to Resources & Research on the Web
Historia de los Países Hispanohablantes
Una colección de enlaces a páginas sobre la historia de los países hispanohablantes
The Spanish Civil War
Two brief overviews: summary of the Spanish Civil War (1936-39),  summary of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Spanish Civil War veterans meet for emotional reunion, and Miro paints Spain--art review, December 1998 
The Defeat of the Spanish Armada
A summary of the events leading up to the defeat of the massive Spanish Armada
Spanish Exploration/Conquest of the Americas
Hernando de Soto explored Native America in the 1540's, along trails which are highways today. Conquest Records describe large Indian villages, attacked then diseased, along those trails
U.S.-Mexican War (1846-1848)
This site presents the history of the war including its prelude, aftermath, and legacy. The timeline helps place the period in context from Hernan Cortes' conquest of the Aztecs to Mexican independence from Spain to Texas' independence.  A discussion forum and related resources are provided. All resources are available in English and Spanish

1492: An Ongoing Voyage

An online exhibit from the Library of Congress



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